Pneumatic Wheels - Steel Rims - Low Speed Bearings - Four Inch Rims

Code Thumb Tyre Size Hub Width Bore Diameter Bearing Type Tyre Width Tyre Diameter Load per Wheel Price Qty
BW100-300D 300x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing73mm248mm105kg $64.55
BW100-410D Click to swap image: 01493-410/350x4-80mm-19.05mm / 25.4mm-Ball Bearing-80mm-268mm-160kg 410/350x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing80mm268mm160kg $66.78
BW100-114T 11/400x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing95mm282mm95kg $77.91
FBSR100-280R Click to swap image: 01493-280/250x4-80mm-19.05mm / 25.4mm-Ball Bearing-61mm-216mm-100kg 280/250x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing61mm216mm100kg $59.76
FBSR100-300D Click to swap image: 01493-300x4-80mm-19.05mm / 25.4mm-Ball Bearing-73mm-248mm-100kg 300x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing73mm248mm100kg $61.37
FBSR100-410D 410/350x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing80mm268mm150kg $64.67
FBSR100-114T 11/400x480mm19.05mm / 25.4mmBall Bearing95mm282mm80kg $77.91
BWE100-410D Click to swap image: 01493-410/350x4-80mm-16mm / 19mm-Ball Bearing-80mm-268mm-160kg 410/350x480mm16mm / 19mmBall Bearing80mm268mm160kg $45.07
FB1805 Click to swap image: 01493-410/350x4-55mm Offset-16mm-Ball Bearing-80mm-268mm-80kg 410/350x455mm Offset16mmBall Bearing80mm268mm80kg $23.27

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