Pneumatic Wheel - Steel Rim - Hub Mounted

Code Thumb Tyre Description Tyre Width Tyre Diameter Load per Wheel Price Qty
MW200-400R6 Click to swap image: 01498-480/400x8 6ply Road-112mm-410mm-340kg 480/400x8 6ply Road112mm410mm340kg $111.01
MWW200-570R Click to swap image: 01498-570x8 6ply Road-152mm-470mm-415kg 570x8 6ply Road152mm470mm415kg $139.06
MWX200-165R Click to swap image: 01498-16.5/6.5x8 6ply Road-164mm-410mm-360kg 16.5/6.5x8 6ply Road164mm410mm360kg $136.83
MWX200-166T 16/650x8 4ply Turf164mm406mm282kg $120.93
MWX200-188T 18/850x8 4ply Turf216mm460mm370kg $147.64
MWY200-185R Click to swap image: 01498-18.5/8.5x8 6ply Road-216mm-470mm-425kg 18.5/8.5x8 6ply Road216mm470mm425kg $176.32
MWY200-221K Click to swap image: 01498-22/11x8 4ply Knobbly-258mm-560mm-180kg 22/11x8 4ply Knobbly258mm560mm180kg $184.20
MWY200-189T 18/950x8 4ply Turf234mm460mm473kg $160.29
MW230-600R 600x9 6ply Road183mm525mm510kg $189.83
MWZ230-251K Click to swap image: 01498-25/12x9 4ply Knobbly-295mm-605mm-225kg 25/12x9 4ply Knobbly295mm605mm225kg $236.21
MW250-145R 145x10 6ply Road143mm485mm400kg $177.61
MW250-500R Click to swap image: 01498-500x10 6ply Road-139mm-515mm-370kg 500x10 6ply Road139mm515mm370kg $185.60
MWX250-205R Click to swap image: 01498-20.5/5x10 6ply Road-206mm-515mm-500kg 20.5/5x10 6ply Road206mm515mm500kg $224.26
MW300-155R Click to swap image: 01498-155x12 6ply Road-158mm-560mm-485kg 155x12 6ply Road158mm560mm485kg $171.53
MW330-165R Click to swap image: 01498-165x13C 8ply Road-171mm-615mm-695kg 165x13C 8ply Road171mm615mm695kg $189.81
MW330-195R Click to swap image: 01498-195/50x13 8ply Road Low Profile-180mm-510mm-900kg 195/50x13 8ply Road Low Profile180mm510mm900kg $262.93
MW355-185R Click to swap image: 01498-185x14C 8ply Road-188mm-650mm-850kg 185x14C 8ply Road188mm650mm850kg $209.50

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