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Implement and Traction Tyres

Implement and Traction Tyres
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  • Quality tyres supplied from reputable worldwide manufacturers.
  • High load ratings.
Code Thumb Tyre Size Ply Tyre Diameter Tyre Width Load per Wheel Tread Type Price Qty
350x6-3R Click to swap image: 01511-350x6-4ply-340mm-89mm-165kg-3 Rib 350x64ply340mm89mm165kg3 Rib $52.59
13/500x6TR Click to swap image: 01511-13/500x6-4ply-320mm-127mm-200kg-Tractor 13/500x64ply320mm127mm200kgTractor $68.76
15/600x6-5R Click to swap image: 01511-15/600x6-4ply-361mm-150mm-260kg-5 Rib 15/600x64ply361mm150mm260kg5 Rib $83.24
145/70x6K Click to swap image: 01511-145/70x6-4ply-361mm-135mm-268kg-Knobbly 145/70x64ply361mm135mm268kgKnobbly $71.71
350x8-3R Click to swap image: 01511-350x8-4ply-391mm-91mm-145kg-3 Rib 350x84ply391mm91mm145kg3 Rib $60.74
400x8-3R Click to swap image: 01511-400x8-4ply-416mm-109mm-155kg-3 Rib 400x84ply416mm109mm155kg3 Rib $68.55
480/400x8T Click to swap image: 01511-480/400x8-4ply-424mm-109mm-155kg-Tractor 480/400x84ply424mm109mm155kgTractor $63.13
16/650x8TR Click to swap image: 01511-16/650x8-4ply-408mm-164mm-280kg-Tractor 16/650x84ply408mm164mm280kgTractor $88.57
18/950x8TR Click to swap image: 01511-18/950x8-4ply-457mm-216mm-473kg-Tractor 18/950x84ply457mm216mm473kgTractor $151.85
18/950x8K Click to swap image: 01511-18/950x8-4ply-462mm-234mm-315kg-Knobbly 18/950x84ply462mm234mm315kgKnobbly $135.27
20/700x8K Click to swap image: 01511-20/700x8-4ply-500mm-176mm-100kg-Knobbly 20/700x84ply500mm176mm100kgKnobbly $119.51
22/11x8K Click to swap image: 01511-22/11x8-4ply-560mm-258mm-180kg-Knobbly 22/11x84ply560mm258mm180kgKnobbly $140.32
25/12x9K Click to swap image: 01511-25/12x9-4ply-607mm-295mm-195kg-Knobbly 25/12x94ply607mm295mm195kgKnobbly $174.36
400x10T Click to swap image: 01511-400x10-4ply-472mm-116mm-285kg-Tractor 400x104ply472mm116mm285kgTractor $107.70
400x10-3R Click to swap image: 01511-400x10-4ply-472mm-116mm-285kg-3 Rib 400x104ply472mm116mm285kg3 Rib $71.15
500x12TR Click to swap image: 01511-500x12-4ply-585mm-128mm-370kg-Tractor 500x124ply585mm128mm370kgTractor $153.26
23/850x12TR Click to swap image: 01511-23/850x12-4ply-581mm-214mm-509kg-Tractor 23/850x124ply581mm214mm509kgTractor $168.44
23/1050x12TR Click to swap image: 01511-23/1050x12-6ply-591mm-245mm-800kg-Tractor 23/1050x126ply591mm245mm800kgTractor $219.35
26/12x12TR Click to swap image: 01511-26/12x12-8ply-660mm-318mm-1245kg-Tractor 26/12x128ply660mm318mm1245kgTractor $267.15

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